MIM-32 will start the first core course in Trimester One which is MK 601: Marketing Management on May 8, 2018.


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Announcement of Successful MIM Candidates (for Entry in March 2017)
Congratulations on your passing the MIM Interviews held on the weekend of February 11-12, 2017.  You have passed in the final stage of the selection criteria.

Please be informed that the persons whose names listed below (No. 1-91) are eligible for studying in the MIM Program as MIM class 31.

No. Application ID Name-Surname
1 07-0001 Mr. Thatchai Kongkaew
2 07-0002 Ms. Chonthicha Sakdapanichkul
3 07-0003 Ms. Sawita Piyawathin
4 07-0005 Ms. Kamonwan Chaiwattanasin
5 07-0006 Ms. Nongnapat Maneekam
6 07-0007 Ms. Nanchanok Jaratwasan
7 07-0008 Mr. Chien-cheng Lien
8 07-0010 Mr. Tanpong Singhanetr
9 07-0011 Ms. Pongladda Pimonwattanachok
10 07-0014 Mr. Pitchayuth Hiranchaowiwat
11 07-0018 Mr. Athimart Vanitkoopalangkul
12 07-0019 Ms. Thamonporn Simapivapan
13 07-0021 Mr. Kullawat Soonthorn-opas
14 07-0022 Ms. Piyathida Prasopphakdi
15 07-0024 Ms. Yanisa Dechwattanatam
16 07-0027 Mr. Pocharaphol Wongpromvej
17 07-0030 Mr. Panit Siripanichgon
18 07-0032 Mr. Yeen Chalermvongsenee
19 07-0033 Ms. Jiraporn Tungkasen
20 07-0040 Ms. Chanapa Chuerattanakul
21 07-0042 Ms. Nutnaree Engpornprasit
22 07-0045 Mr. Perapon Thaiwattananon
23 07-0048 Ms. Alisa Sirisawad
24 07-0050 Mr. Wasin Rungfarsangaroon
25 07-0051 Ms. Kamonporn Srisoontorn
26 07-0055 Ms. Panaya Jaturongmanee
27 07-0057 Ms. Thanwarat Wanitcharoen
28 07-0059 Mr. Suwachira Vijitpornkul
29 07-0061 Mr. Votsawat Chaichitti
30 07-0066 Ms. Natakarn Satjawitwisarn
31 07-0067 Ms. Kanchanok Bunsupaporn
32 07-0072 Ms. Intuon Israprasas
33 07-0073 Mr. Yattikorn Krittayanurak
34 07-0077 Ms. Larinda Benjapornthavee
35 07-0078 Mr. Tanapong Chainapawet
36 07-0079 Ms. Kanrawee Vechviboonsom
37 07-0084 Ms. Monthathip Koopthavonrerk
38 07-0086 Ms. Thanita Charassangraungrung
39 07-0087 Ms. Hataipat Ruhakarn
40 07-0090 Ms. Phachara Rungrojvithayakul
41 07-0094 Ms. Panida Intanont
42 07-0110 Ms. Lolita How-choong
43 07-0113 Ms. Suratsawadee Youngpattana
44 07-0119 Ms. Thanyaphorn Tanthaphruekphon
45 07-0121 Ms. Siwapa Kachasumrit
46 07-0123 Ms. Thanisa Veerasaksri
47 07-0124 Ms. Thiemduen Yuvajan
48 07-0136 Ms. Piyada Santirongyuth
49 07-0137 Ms. Nuttha Thongmanee
50 07-0138 Mr. Warat Choengpraphakorn
51 07-0142 Ms. Nitiya Singhadech
52 07-0144 Ms. Pattrarat Tangnisaitrong
53 07-0145 Ms. Jutatip Charoenyingwattana
54 07-0149 Ms. Onpimon Chavalitcheevin
55 07-0150 Ms. Anchasa Huttaporn
56 07-0151 Ms. Qwanratn Charoenphao
57 07-0155 Mr. Aitthipat Sae-joen
58 07-0157 Mr. Thana Asavasakulkiat
59 07-0159 Ms. Kitrawee Nutchanart
60 07-0160 Mr. Wattikorn Vittayaamnuaykoon
61 07-0162 Ms. Panta Sukkasem
62 07-0163 Ms. Warunee Daoprateep
63 07-0164 Ms. Arisara Wongaussawarit
64 07-0165 Ms. Jinjutha Hematulin
65 07-0166 Ms. Panchalee Areethamsirikul
66 07-0167 Ms. Sinanun Mateedulsatit
67 07-0170 Ms. Chadchanun Kongdechakul
68 07-0175 Ms. Piyada Numnual
69 07-0178 Ms. Siripen Chinsiri
70 07-0182 Ms. Boonnicha Chamnankit
71 07-0186 Ms. Nontira Chantarumporn
72 07-0190 Ms. Donlaporn Dirakbussarakom
73 07-0191 Ms. Chalida Juarong
74 07-0192 Ms. Phanida Vachirakom
75 07-0195 Mr. Pongthorn Piyanawin
76 07-0196 Ms. Benjawan Jampasarn
77 07-0199 Ms. Pummarin Teradirek
78 07-0200 Ms. Supapitch Poothong
79 07-0201 Mr. Sirawit Kiattiwittayasakul
80 07-0204 Mr. Pongsakorn Tikapichart
81 07-0205 Ms. Nachanok Tiencharoenkul
82 07-0206 Ms. Preeyarat Pichaiya
83 07-0212 Ms. Supitcha Mokkaraphand
84 07-0213 Mr. Kevin Swadsri
85 07-0216 Ms. Orakran Kliewpiya
86 07-0217 Ms. Phajneesh Kaur Sachdev
87 07-0218 Mr. Issara Dokphrom
88 07-0220 Mr. Peerasit Horsaengchai
89 07-0222 Ms. Natthida Cholsawasdhi
90 07-0226 Ms. Siripa Kijpaisalsak
91 07-0229 Ms. Nattawan Kittidesdamkerng

Below is the name list of Waiting List Candidates (No. 1-5).
Application ID Name-Surname
1 07-0207 Ms. Kitchamon Youngmeevitaya
2 07-0049 Ms. Sasisha Kuntapong
3 07-0128 Ms. Mallika Chaikaew
4 07-0112 Ms. Pummara Teradirek
5 07-0174 Ms. Nuthanant Jinnovart
The next step you will be doing is the MIM-31 Registration. Please read the following carefully:
You have to fill in your personal information as required by the Registration Office through the website www.reg.tu.ac.th.  To access the system for this pre-registration you are to use the 10-digit Student Identification Number which will be posted for you through the MIM website on February 21, 2017 (exact timing will be confirmed as soon as possible).  Upon completing this pre-registration please have the duly filled form printed out, bring it along with you, and submit it to the MIM Office on the day you come to do the registration at the MIM Office.
Candidates No. 1-91 must come to do the registration at Room 114 (MIM Office), Ground Floor, Thammasat Business School building on February 25-26, 2017 (09:00-16:00 hrs), February 27, 2017 (09:00-19:00 hrs) (choose the date and time that suits your availability).  The Program will call the Waiting List Candidates for registration, by order, if any MIM Candidates (No. 1-91) did not come for the registration on the dates and time mentioned above.

When coming for registration, you are to bring along the cashier cheque, payable to "The Social Science Service Project", of Baht 175,600 (for a Thai student) or Baht 189,100 (for a foreign student) to be paid to the School's Financial Bureau (Room 145), and bring the receipt back to do the registration process at the MIM Office.  This is the tuition fees for the introductory courses and Trimester One's courses, covering the period of studying from March – August 2017.  Please note that a personal cheque will NOT be accepted.  In addition, every student must prepare Baht 5,000 in cash to be paid to the MIM Alumni Association (TUMIMA).  This amount will cover all activities arranged for you by TUMIMA throughout the entire two years of studying at MIM.
Documents Needed for MIM-31 Registration on February 25-27, 2017 are:
1. Thai Student: please identify yourself by using your citizen identification card or other relevant identification card issued to you by a government sector (1 photocopy). 
Foreign Student: please identify yourself by using your relevant passport (1 photocopy).
Original document must be presented (for verification).
2. Colour photographs (less than one year’s old).  Person in the photograph must not wear hat, cap, sun-glasses or other university’s robes.  Polite clothing e.g. dark colour suit with plain necktie is acceptable.  Write down your name & surname and ID number on the back of each photograph.
Do prepare the colour photos as follows:
2.1 Three photos at the size of 2.0 inches X 1.5 inches   
2.2 Three photos at the size of 1.5 inches X 1.0 inch
3. Medical certificate (from any general hospital or general practice) specifying that your health is not an obstacle to studying (1 original copy).

4. Your bachelor degree’s official transcripts of academic records (1 photocopy). Original document must be presented (for verification).
5. Your bachelor degree’s certificate (1 photocopy). Original document must be presented (for verification).
6. Proof of evidence if changing name / surname. If changing status (i.e. from Miss to Mrs.) a marriage certificate must be submitted (1 photocopy). Original documents must be presented (for verification).

All photocopies must be signed and certified before submitting to the MIM Office. 

Please note that the first day of MIM-31 class is on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 during 18:00-21:30 hrs. at Room 214, 2nd Floor, Thammasat Business School building. The Team Building Training and Orientation for all new students will be held during March 16 - 19, 2017 (at the Hotel Rayong Resort and on Sa-med Island), with the kick-off session on March 14th during 18:30-21:30 hrs, and is the compulsory part of the introductory courses. More details of these will be given to you separately upon registration.

Please call the MIM Office at tel: 02 222 1331, 02 223 9983 or e-mail: mim@tbs.tu.ac.th if you have any further questions.

MIM Admission Team
February 16, 2017


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This course is divided into two parts.  The first part will be taught during May 8-20, 2018 by Professor Dr. Paul G. Patterson who is a Professor of Marketing at the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, Australia.
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