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Corporate Guest-Speaking Session:
“GSK Way - Lead the Healthcare Business through Creating a Compelling Consumer’s  Experience"
Corporate Guest-Speaking Session:“GSK Way - Lead the Healthcare Business through Creating a Compelling Consumer’s  Experience"
On the splendid occasion of October 10, 2016, MIMers received the opportunity to welcoming Mr. Jean Francois Couve: General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare and his team
Posted : 02/11/2016
MIM Presidential Dinner 2016 
We touched on MIM prestigious tradition - essentially the core values that drive the MIM program to consistently produce highly qualified professionals. 
Posted : 04/08/2016
Altron TV: a Thai Brand Going Global Creating by a Graduate of MIM.
Narindej Thaveesangpanich a graduate of MIM Batch 18, now Deputy Managing Director of Thai Habel Industrial Co., Ltd. a Thai company focusing on manufacturing electrical appliances for home consumption for decades, has shaken the television set industry by creating its own brand of LED TV "Altron" for the first time, after being an OEM of such goods for big modern trades for a long time. 
Posted : 05/07/2016
Twenty-six energetic MIM-29 students flew together for an entire day from Bangkok to Las Vegas, a city that never sleeps.
Posted : 02/06/2016
Taniix: an MIM Team was a Finalist at NVC Competition
Taniix went to compete in the New Venture Championship competition held at the University of Oregon in Portland, Oregon, USA and was placed in a Finalist Runner Up and winning the cash prize of US$ 2,500.
Posted : 18/05/2016


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An Interview with CNN by Krating Poonpol (MIM-14)
One of the most notable and successful MIM alumni who has jostled promising startups in Thailand should be no other man than Krating (Ruangroj) Poonpol.
This has been a popular question widely asked among people, marketers or non-marketers.
The Master's Degree Program in Marketing (MIM), Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University is now recruiting its new batch of students: MIM-32 for entry in March 2018.  The period of application submission is from now until January 15, 2018.