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Tony MIM-28 and his DratfBoard Co-Design Space
Posted : 19/05/2017
Business environment nowadays plus the widely use of effective social media has drawn more young people to work on their own.  They skipped the permanent office jobs to land themselves on doing own business as a startup or going on a freelancing job, like a freelance designer, for instance.  However, a problem facing most freelance designers should be lacking of working atmosphere and other facilities if they work at home, no colleague to talk to, and sometimes even no experience and inspiration!
Seeing this problem and envisaging the possible way out, Khun Narongpakorn  Sawangvareesakul (Tony) a graduate of MIM-28, found a solution to this by launching DraftBoard Co-Design Space which is a co-design space that welcomes freelance designers to share the experience and inspiration in a modern, cool, chic but relaxed and warm environment like working in your own home!  He was right, his idea is just the perfect answer to all freelance designers' prayers.
On a recent interview Narongpakorn gave on Television CH 3: BTimes Business Moment by Bancha, he pointed out that DraftBoard Co-Design Space offers more facilities and amenities than an ordinary Co-Working Space.  Located in a city center next to major BTS station, DraftBoard also provides the fully equipped Meeting Room Zone, Private Room Zone, Photo Studio, Printing Station, Workshop Area and even the area for all users to chill out.  That means all businesses can be completed in one stop at DraftBoard effectively and conveniently.
As a creative founder of DraftBoard, we congratulate Narongpakorn an alumnus from MIM-28 on his successful and promising venture.  Keep on the good work, MIMers are all looking up to you!




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