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Congratulations to MiM Batch 33

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‘MIM Life’ is about its people and the values by which we live.

The daunting barriers to taking a leap and stepping forward together is overcome by the shared values that bond MIM students together. They shape the culture and define the character of our MIM students and alumni. They guide how we behave and make decisions. Without values, there is no motivation, purpose, culture, and direction. Through the years, MIM has been committed to a set of core values that were shared by many generations and remain the cornerstone of our community philosophy. These are the four values we live by:

mim core values
We are genuine, sincere and reliable. Living with integrity and ethics is the core of MIM culture. We always treat others with respect and honesty.
Never say impossible - we always strive for new ideas. With passion, we can find creative solutions to any problem. We live with a “can-do” and “will-do” attitude. And at the end we always do it.
We are not afraid to take risks and make mistakes as long as we can learn from them. At MIM, it’s important to play just as hard as you work. We give 100% in everything we do.
We have a unique team spirit and are committed to grow our MIM community. We are united by principles, dedication, and a sense of belonging. We care to give back to the world and society.