Going on an exchange program is an excellent opportunity for students to “grow” by themselves and have all the advantages in getting first-hand experience of a country’s business practices, language and culture.

Since 1993, MIM students have taken advantage of many Student Exchange Programs with International Network Institutions, which are leading universities in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. They gain invaluable experience about the socio-economic, commercial and cultural backgrounds of the countries they visit while sharing this knowledge with their MIM colleagues. Incoming exchange students also enrich the MIM program by providing exposure to other cultures and bringing often-innovative business practices from their native countries.

MIM students interested in exchange study are encouraged to apply for the exchange program. Outgoing MIM students only pay tuition fees at Thammasat University but can attend classes at the chosen foreign university. Students will obtain a maximum of nine academic credits for their exchange studies that will be transferred to the MIM program in accordance with the requirements of the host universities.

Incoming Exchange Student
Andrea Biolchini
Bocconi Business School,
Milano, Italy
Fall Semester 2010

Throughout the participation at the MIM program at Thammasat University, I had an opportunity to meet people coming from different backgrounds in terms of country of origin, cultural context and education. The program composes of plenty of group-work, time-and group-management challenges, plus demanding simultaneous quantitative and qualitative assessments, which taught me how to think strategically and to earn a full-time position in the fast-paced financial industry despite the current turbulent market conditions.

Attending the MIM program has been an intense and enriching experience. I met talented people from all over the world, many of whom I can now count in the network of my friends. In addition, I had the opportunity to deal with competent professors, whose business experience made classes extremely interesting and up-to-date. Group assignments, case study discussions and presentations in front of the class are the bread and butter of the Master and greatly helped me in developing critical thinking and debate skills.

It could seem quite obvious, but working with people from different nations and dealing with professors with other teaching methods really improved my attitudes i.e. flexibility and acceptance of different ways of working. The exposure to case studies not only related to Europe, but also to the US and Asia helped me improve my technical knowledge and personal background. The class atmosphere is exciting and interesting, and people spend time getting to know each other in order to get a deeper knowledge of other's culture.

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