Any candidate who wishes to apply for the MIM program must follow the steps below:


  1. Complete the MIM online application form through the website and submit the form to the MIM Office by post or by hand. (Click here for MIM mailing address)
  2. Send four copies of the following required documents with certified signature to the MIM Office by the end of application period:
    • Undergraduate Transcript
    • Citizen Identification Card (for Thais) or Passport (for foreigners)
    • Photographs
      Four 1.5 inch photos are required for student records and filing. Photographs must not be older than 6 months.
    • English Scores
      1) IELTS score at a minimum of 6.5, OR
      2) TOEFL score (PBT or ITP score of 550 or higher; Internet-based test at a minimum of 79), OR
      3) TU-GET score of 550 for paper-based test or 79 for computer-based test

               For more information of TU-GET, please contact the Language Institute of Thammasat University at tel. 02-223-3758-9.     
               English proficiency scores must not be older than two years at the end of the application submission period.    
               If the candidates' TU-GET or TOEFL scores are between 500 and 550, or if they have an Internet-based test score of a minimum of 61, or an IELTS score of a minimum of 5, they may be selected to study in the MIM Program with the condition that they increase their TU-GET or TOEFL scores to a minimum of 550, or the Internet-based test to a minimum of 79, or their IELTS score to a minimum of 6.5 within the first academic year.
    • Proof of Quantitative Test
      Applicants must pass one of the two admission criteria shown below:
      1) SMART-II scores with a minimum score of 350 and more than 100 of each part. The scores must not be more than two years at the end of the application submission period (SMART-II is made in Thai version) OR
      2) GMAT scores, A good score on the quantitative part. GMAT scores must not be more than five years from the closing day of application. In past years, the acceptable average scores of GMAT is 80% in quantitative part. No minimum scores required to apply.
    • Statement of Purpose 
      A statement of purpose helps MIM learn more about you and it is a good start for us to get to know you better. In the statement of purpose, you can describe your work experience, career goals, reasons to study the MIM program as well as how the MIM program fits in and why you are right for the MIM program.  The word limit is 400-500 words. Please put your name, surname and application number on the top right of the essay. 


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