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Congratulations to MiM Batch 33

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One of the most important attributes in a leader is the ability to see past problems and find solutions. MIM teaches students how to make tough decisions relevant to today's business environment. From analysis to implementation, they will learn to judge the situation at hand and come up with the best possible solution.
The program is extremely hard work and will drive students to their very limits. Lectures, discussions, case studies, projects and simulations all contribute to helping them achieve their full potential.

MIM students have the opportunity to engage their business plans in world-class business plan competitions. They are also entitled to participate in the student exchange program and spend one semester studying at leading universities abroad.

An Interview with CNN by Krating Poonpol (MIM-14)
One of the most notable and successful MIM alumni who has jostled promising startups in Thailand should be no other man than Krating (Ruangroj) Poonpol.