Announcement of Admission Result

Congratulations to MiM Batch 33

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MIM has enjoyed outstanding success since its foundation in 1983. It is designed to prepare a new breed of global executives for the markets of the future. It has produced over 3,000 business professionals in its long and proud heritage. MIM is unique in the highly competitive world of international postgraduate business education because it can select from the best professors and industry leaders in the world. Students enjoy easy access to some of the best minds in the field.

MIM students come from all walks of life, a vast range of professional fields and have extremely diverse experience. Competition for admission to MIM grows fiercer with every passing year. The challenges are immense but so are the rewards. MIM has built a reputation as one of the best business programs internationally by educating talented individuals who will accept only the best.
At MIM, we teach students to get the most from every situation. This begins with the course itself. The program offers unique benefits that give students the competitive edge including:
Specialized marketing curriculum
focusing on international perspective.
Evening and weekend classes modules
that can help students continue with their career.
World-Class Faculty
guarantee academic and practical excellence.
Global network through peers,
faculty and alumni that will last a lifetime.
Interactive learning
with a mix of lectures, discussions, case studies, simulations and etc. put emphasis on learning by doing.
Diverse student mix
united by one common goal: the desire to succeed, each contributes to a unique perspective.

An Interview with CNN by Krating Poonpol (MIM-14)
One of the most notable and successful MIM alumni who has jostled promising startups in Thailand should be no other man than Krating (Ruangroj) Poonpol.